I have an outside enclosure built around a fairly large wooden shed (the type 
you get at Home Depot or other undo-it-yourself places).  I also have the same 
wire fencing enclosing the porch of a small cottage type building (one large 
room, no plumbing) that the former owners used for crafts projects.  I use it 
for my FIV+ cat sanctuary.  They love going out on the porch and watching the 
enormous peacock who comes to eat cat food every evening on the deck of my 
mobile home.  When I get some money (never? ever?) I'm going to enclose the 
deck with the same gauge wire fencing. The peacock will have to eat near the 
garage when that happens.  I want my main community of cats who are inside the 
house right now to have access to the lovely scenery outside - birds, crickets 
as large as rats (gasp!), and all sorts of moths and other weird flying 
things.  It will also free up some space in my house for ME!  How selfish of 
me. I'll call the guy who built the
 enclosures for me and ask him what type of fencing he used, the gauge and what 
it is called (not chicken wire or chain link, I know that). I'll post here so 
those of you who want to make a safe outside enclosure for your fur kids will 
have some info on options. 

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I just put up a lot of chain link panels so my guys could safely spend time 
outside.  The area is big enough that I go out and read, work on the computer 
etc too.  The panels are less than half the cost of installed fencing.  I am 
considering chicken wire to screen in the porch.  Ceiling fans will take care 
of insects and cats will have a hard time wrecking the wire.  Just 
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> I got some information on a screen that the manufacturer says is cat, dog and 
> raccoon proof.  Also no seeums proof.  It cost $108.00 per roll (which is a 
> large roll).  I will try to dig out the info and send it to you.  I was 
> planning on fencing in my deck for days when I have to leave early and get 
> back late.  At least they would be able to get outside.  Harley especially is 
> a real pain when he can't go outside, knocking things down, over and driving 
> the others crazy (this will make me give in and let him out).  I don't want 
> to leave them outside when I am gone because they might get hurt and I would 
> not get back in time to take them to the vet.  I know, crazy, but I don't 
> want to loose any of them because of stupidity.
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