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Raccoons always dip their food in water.and their little adorable feet may
not always be so clean..dirty water, YES!  Thankfully, I don't have to put
out water for them because the wildlife feeder with all the cat food
leftovers is right next to a stream coming from the waterfall.


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Yeah, right - they definitely must be taking a bath!  How can they get the
water so dirty?  Even just one raccoon makes a mess of the water.

They are cute though.  I was tossing little bits of a banana to one once and
after the banana was gone he slowly walked up to me then bent over and
sniffed my shoe and then walked away.  I was scared he might bite me but I
was too curious about what he was going to do to move.  But, they can be a
problem too when they're tearing things up and eating the cat's food and you
feed 50 ferals a day and don't have money to feed them too.

Just read that the babies leave the home range after a certain age.  So
that's why they disappear.

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> I was going to say that the coons will just carry off the feeder and break
it open at their convenience. I loose a lot of suet feeders that way. My
outside water bowls are always dirty in the AM. One has to wash their food
before eating it. I think they also take a bath before eating.


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