<<They will just sit in a cage until they get adopted for god knows how long. >>
I always pipe up when somebody says that cats sit in cages at shelter/in jail, 
etc..well that is true of kill shelters and some no-kills. And BTW not all open 
policy shelters put the cat in the cage and leave it there.
No-kills specially know very well that an animal can't live in a cage. I don't 
work at a shelter but am close friends with a nk and several HS's. Cats don't 
do well in cages for an extended period of time. While medicating and being 
socialized, acclimated and other changes, yes, they have to be.
But it is dangerous actually to hold animals in cages b/c of stress which leads 
to disease. They know that or should know it.
Depending on room cats are taken out of the cages and let roam in rooms, 
ussualy are in for the night. At the no-kill the only cats in cages are sick 
ones or baby kittens. Even fractious cats they separate in groups in small 
rooms. For instance one year ago the nk shelter took one of my rescue cats, she 
was tame but has a very short fuse. She was in a cage during quarantine(10 
days) and that was it. Afterwards shared a room with one cat she could bear, 
doesn't like much other cats.
She'd swipe at people too so she needed an understanding owner, finally last 
week that family showed up and she was adopted.
In your situation I'd ask a  no-kill shelter, true most are full but you never 
know. Unless you wish to keep all the cats, which probably for them is the best 
alternative. Where are you at?

I was going to suggest a ramp, but alas, the coons could also use it.  

RE:  taking them to a no kill shelter, if it is like the ones around here, they 
are not able to take on any more dogs or cats.  Everyone who has lost ajob, 
home and has to move in with relatives, brings their animals to the shelter.  
You are right, they would have to spend some time there especially if they are 
not socialized.  That takes time and that means time in cages.  I took 2 from 
P.A.L.S..  I had gone to see about 1 cat and ended up with both Lil Bit and 
Casey.  They had been in an 8 x 10 cage with about 6 or 8 other cats for over a 
year.  Lil Bit is just now moving around the house because she is so small 
(6lbs) and timid and Casey is getting used to NOT being allowed to bully 
everyone.  I just wish people would bring a short letter giving information 
about their pets so the adopter would understand why they are the way they 
are.  Often they are misunderstood and end up back at the shelter because 
people do not have the patience to try
 to understand them

---- dot winkler <venus7ora...@yahoo.com> wrote: 
> Speaking of all this about the raccoon, anyways, wish I could find homes for 
> the 7 cats i feed every day.  They are all so beautiful and quite healthy 
> looking with all the meat i feed them and the dry food.  At least 3 of them 
> are very friendly and the others are coming around, too.  Anyone have any 
> input about how to place these cats?  I hate to bring them to a shelter even 
> if it's no kill.  They will just sit in a cage until they get adopted for god 
> knows how long.  It's very hard feeding every day.  It's just me and my 
> husband.  We can never go away anywhere now because of it.  What are your 
> experiences?  Dotty

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