I can't find the email from someone who thinks that the cats are avoiding the 
food because the feeding dish/station smells from raccoon.  This is definitely 
NOT the cause of the cats avoiding the food.  It's probably the food.  It may 
be stale or they are just tired of the flavor.  When I was feeding colonies, 
the cats and raccoons were eating side by side, except when a raccoon got too 
greedy and chased the cats away.  But the cats always returned to what was left 
of the food and finished it off.

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Door on a timer?????  However, my bet is on the coons.

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Hi - well, I don't think I can bring the dry food in at night.  Because i would 
have to make two trips to the cat area, instead of one.  One trip is to bring 
the meat to them.  If I did that in the evening then I could bring in the dry 
food but then i would have to come the next morning to put the dry food back 
and then another time that day to bring it in again.  I live the next town over 
and work schedule is rough so once a day is pushing it as it  is!  Thanks for 
all your suggestions.  What did you mean about the RAMP?  I was not sure I 
understood.  Just thought of something - wouldn't it be cool if I could devise 
a door that would shut automatically each night so nothing could get in the dry 
food station and then open in the morning!  L.O.L.  dotty
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