Please make sure her kids are told NOT to touch raccoons, baby or otherwise.  
These are NOT pussy cats.  They are wild animals.  Any attempt to touch a baby 
coon in front of the mama will put the person in jeopardy of a nasty bite or 
even an attack.  Raccoons are rabies vectors.  They might not have the disease 
but they could be carriers.  It's a good idea to watch from afar and not get 
involved with close contact.  Rescuers know how to deal with raccoons so as not 
to upset them but kids just see a cute puff ball of fur and want to grab.

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I sent it on to a friend and her 2 grandsons and a couple of others.  This is 
---- Lee Evans <> wrote: 
> I think I just melted.  Absolutely adorable.  Guess he had to rescue the 
> little rascal.  Not to say that I promote making pets of wildlife, but 
> raccoons sometimes do get domesticated, especially when they are young.  And 
> there's a ferret involved for company.  Nice man.  Doesn't mind the messy way 
> his Coon Kid eats popcorn.  

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Everyone, speaking of raccoons……adorable video!

Check out an orphan baby raccoon. [VIDEO]
An orphan baby raccoon. [VIDEO]  
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