Your place sounds great!  Just wish it was that way all over the world.  I live 
in a rural area and strays don't fare too well.  If they are a problem, they 
get shot, especially cats.  Hunters consider them good practice for hunting 
season.  Just learned couple of months age that one community doesn't have a 
no-kill or kill shelter, they just start up a car and stick their noses in the 
tailpipe - dogs and cats.  A group of us are working on stopping that one.  
Problem is that so many here don't consider that wrong, just one of the facts 
of life.  Wish I could win the sweepstakes, I would take on all orphans and 
strays, human and animal.

---- GRAS <> wrote: 
> We built 4 cat condos in our large garage. They don't sit in cages - those
> are small rooms with cubicles, shelves, scratch posts, etc.  There's
> full-spectrum lighting new  cats, cats that need medications in their food
> (or else others would eat it, or they recuperate from surgeries, dentals,
> spay/neuters..) I also use large cages to acclimate them to a group of cats
> - they get to know one another safely; then I open the door.cats either
> leave or they don't - until they are ready.  Others will come into the cage
> to keep thyme company, etc. We also have a bathroom with a screen door to a
> room where we spend a lot of time - for terminally sick cats or very old
> cats that need special care and don't want them to be alone, or introducing
> cats to the others. We also have a large cat room with outdoor access. A
> FIV+ room,, etc. If no room, then there's always a bathroom to use in an
> emergency.
> Unfortunately, many shelters don't even try finding's easier to
> just kill them.  We had to force the town shelter to have weekend hours
> because people work. 
> Etc. etc. etc.
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> stray cats
> <<They will just sit in a cage until they get adopted for god knows how
> long. >>
> I always pipe up when somebody says that cats sit in cages at shelter/in
> jail, etc..well that is true of kill shelters and some no-kills. And BTW not
> all open policy shelters put the cat in the cage and leave it there.
> No-kills specially know very well that an animal can't live in a cage. I
> don't work at a shelter but am close friends with a nk and several HS's.
> Cats don't do well in cages for an extended period of time. While medicating
> and being socialized, acclimated and other changes, yes, they have to be.
> But it is dangerous actually to hold animals in cages b/c of stress which
> leads to disease. They know that or should know it.
> Depending on room cats are taken out of the cages and let roam in rooms,
> ussualy are in for the night. At the no-kill the only cats in cages are sick
> ones or baby kittens. Even fractious cats they separate in groups in small
> rooms. For instance one year ago the nk shelter took one of my rescue cats,
> she was tame but has a very short fuse. She was in a cage during
> quarantine(10 days) and that was it. Afterwards shared a room with one cat
> she could bear, doesn't like much other cats.
> She'd swipe at people too so she needed an understanding owner, finally last
> week that family showed up and she was adopted.
> In your situation I'd ask a  no-kill shelter, true most are full but you
> never know. Unless you wish to keep all the cats, which probably for them is
> the best alternative. Where are you at?
> Marta
>  <>
> I was going to suggest a ramp, but alas, the coons could also use it.  
> RE:  taking them to a no kill shelter, if it is like the ones around here,
> they are not able to take on any more dogs or cats.  Everyone who has lost
> ajob, home and has to move in with relatives, brings their animals to the
> shelter.  You are right, they would have to spend some time there especially
> if they are not socialized.  That takes time and that means time in cages.
> I took 2 from P.A.L.S..  I had gone to see about 1 cat and ended up with
> both Lil Bit and Casey.  They had been in an 8 x 10 cage with about 6 or 8
> other cats for over a year.  Lil Bit is just now moving around the house
> because she is so small (6lbs) and timid and Casey is getting used to NOT
> being allowed to bully everyone.  I just wish people would bring a short
> letter giving information about their pets so the adopter would understand
> why they are the way they are.  Often they are misunderstood and end up back
> at the shelter because people do not have the patience to try to understand
> them
> ---- dot winkler <> wrote: 
> > Speaking of all this about the raccoon, anyways, wish I could find homes
> for the 7 cats i feed every day.  They are all so beautiful and quite
> healthy looking with all the meat i feed them and the dry food.  At least 3
> of them are very friendly and the others are coming around, too.  Anyone
> have any input about how to place these cats?  I hate to bring them to a
> shelter even if it's no kill.  They will just sit in a cage until they get
> adopted for god knows how long.  It's very hard feeding every day.  It's
> just me and my husband.  We can never go away anywhere now because of it.
> What are your experiences?  Dotty
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