That sounds like Lincoln County, Mo.  Everyone thinks I am crazy for having 7 
cats and actually taking them to the vet when they are ill.  And I let them 
come into the house!  My nickname around here is Crazy Cat Lady.  

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> The problem here is that I'm in Texas.  Killing is the State Sport. 
> Unfortunately, most of the Animal Control Officers don't even know the new 
> rules, which include acceptance of TNR as a way to control outside cats.  
> They are still terrorizing people who have a small batch of backyard cats who 
> are spayed/neutered and have their rabies shots. They are counting these cats 
> in the 8 cat limit when the new code states specifically that they are NOT 
> included in the cat limit rule.  They recently reduced the number of 
> cats/dogs allowed to 8 from 10.  This makes no sense except when you realize 
> that they will now charge for an "excess animal permit".  Then it makes sense 
> to reduce the legal limit so that a number of people are now over the limit 
> and have to purchase the permit.  Nasty little tricks.  People who have 
> received a citation in the past for having over the permissible limit of 
> cats/dogs are prohibited from purchasing the permit.  More
>  nonsense.  It would help if all the ACO's were required to read the new 
> codes and then be tested on whether or not they understand them.  The 
> citizens of this city don't know the rules either.  Cat haters are 
> terrorizing cat caring neighbors, threatening them with reporting them when 
> there's nothing to report because the cat caregivers are actually in 
> compliance.  I think that ignorance is our worst enemy. Even when we get good 
> ordinances, they don't work because no one knows about them.

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I trimmed this so maybe it will go through. . .

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One approach you can take with the bosses (usually the city councils) of the 
pounds is to point out that the current staff is most likely permanently 
mentally damaged by participating in the old methods---much the way soldiers 
are by combat---and that they either need intensive (life-long?) counseling to 
change their attitudes, or retirement.   This I gleaned from HSUS' (not a big 
proponent of No Kill) book on compassion fatigue in the animal care community: 


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