The added benefit of possums is that since they are marsupials, they are not 
carriers of rabies!  They are simply weird looking.  I saw my first possum 
about 10 years ago.  We mutually scared each other out of our skins.  Then we 
tip-toed back around the corner of the house and stared at each other for a 
while.  We both decided that the other was just strange looking but not 
dangerous and from then on they had a place at my backyard feeding station.

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I love the possums too! They used to eat with my inside outers on my front 
porch, and would sit in the squirrel feeding box that I had in the front yard. 
I love em and the fact that they are marsupials make them all the more 

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On Jun 1, 2012, at 9:56 PM, MaiMaiPG <> wrote:

> Possums don't bother me but the coons do.  I have trapped and relocated both 
> (not during baby season) because they were raiding my mother's house, 
> threatening her ferals and endangering themselves thanks to the problems they 
> were causing neighbors.  They were relocated to a farm I own.  I brought the 
> coons over immediately because they were vicious and very likely to hurt 
> themselves trying to escape (can't blame them).  They get/carry a lot of 
> diseases including canine distemper which makes people think they are rabid 
> when they are not but they do carry rabies.  As noted, they can easily kill 
> cats and dogs, even hunting (read fairly large dogs).  They are extremely 
> messy and destructive and can get into about anything.  I know, and knew, 
> from personal experience but was not willing to turn the captives over to 
> hunters or to locate them where there wasn't an appropriate environment.
> Possums will defend themselves if they have to but are fairly calm...again 
> from personal experience.  They are wonderful at insect control and I have 
> watched them under the porch lights on the farm.......inhaling the insects.
> Just FYI:  The coons are very cute and charming.....not so much with the 
> possums but they are actually darlings in my world.
> On Jun 1, 2012, at 8:54 AM, Natalie wrote:
>> Whenever someone dumps a cat around here, I always see them eating together 
>> with possums - it's amazing.  The first time I saw it, I was really 
>> terrified for the cat!
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>> cats and possums getting along.  That was one worry I had about feeding the 
>> birds, that the cats could be hurt by them.  So far, all my cats have enough 
>> good sense to back off when they and the coons come up to eat.  Somehow they 
>> seem to know they could not win a fight with either one of them.  Coons can 
>> kill a full grown dog, especially if they get them in enough water to hold 
>> their head down until the drown them.
>> ---- Dana Giordano <> wrote:
>>> I feed mine on the ground inside a bin which I have cut out the sides of so 
>>> they can pass through. I lean boards up   Against the sides. It's low 
>>> perfect for a cat and opossums but apparently too low and awkward for a 
>>> raccoon to get in there. I put a large deep square plastic food bin inside 
>>> and a piece of styrofoam on the floor inside to wedge the food bin into one 
>>> place. Opossums and cats get along fine so I let them share. My main issues 
>>> end up being ants and slugs which I use food grade diacetemous earth and 
>>> sandpaper to deter. I also have a rope light out there - dunno if that 
>>> deters so wanted to mention it. Hope that helps.
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