ACCT is exactly where I am fostering these guys for- so upsetting that they
dont test.  I as well assumed it was done.  They will only test if
requested by the foster home yet they dont educate the foster homes that
its something they need to ask for.  I understand as bottlefeeders the test
is inaccurate anyway but still I had no clue I was even evers supposed ot
ask for it.  My first set of kittens were adopted out and never tested- if
they come up positive at some point I would be so upset for the adopters.

I also never would have exposed them to my cats until tested if I had
known.  I am feeling more confident that the chances of transmission to my
cats are hopefully slim with their very limited and minimal interaction.
Im sad having them contained in the room right now but they are happy and
in my eyes at this point perfectly healthy.

Hoping they flip negative.  ITs very helpful hearing other peoples
experience.  April I give you all the credit in the world for sticking with
your baby and making it work.  I am so concerned for if they stay positive
as to what that means for them.  The shetler has a rescue supposedly that
will take them but I dont want to just throw them at some rescue if its
someting I can still work to find placement for them.  I try to stick to my
commitments and I love these babies BUT the thing thats not possible is for
me to adopt them long term.  Thats always been out of the question.  I have
2 cats of my own and the current cat room was actually going to begin
transformation into a baby nursery after this litter.  Its all so
overwhelming...I feel the weight of their lives and futures literally in my
hands.  Euthanization is obviously not an option or consideration for me
unless it was a quality of life thing.  Wrapping my brain around how to
work through this and what the best course of action is if they are
positive is where Im struggling most.  Deep breaths I keep telling
myself..one day at a time.

Jamielynn  Storch
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