After years in rescue, I'm so cynical that I truly believe if you did all the 
killing of cats and dogs on a large stage in a see-through dome, some people 
would view it as entertainment while the majority would hurry by, averting 
their eyes and telling themselves that it's just a movie, it doesn't really 
exist, it's not so bad, it's only animals and they don't have a soul anyway, 
according to most religions, or some other myth.  They would acclimate to the 
situation and soon it would be like everything else in our lovely Society.  
People passing by the homeless and maybe throwing a couple of coins in a hat, 
people ignoring automobile alarms, people closing their windows when their 
neighbors are fighting to the point of violence, people voting against clean 
air, clean water, natural food because they are so afraid of Big Industry 
raising the prices of candy bars, LuLuPop cereal, iPads and iPhones.  People 
sticking their heads in the sand and mumbling
 "Just Say No" when the idea of birth control for teenagers comes up and people 
wanting that cute designer kitten to match the living room sofa or that pure 
bred dog they think they can breed to make a fortune off the puppies by selling 
them at the side of the highway.  This is so depressing I would advise you take 
a Prozac after reading it.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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Whenever people say that, I tell them what it really is: The miracle of
death!  First of all, the cat will most likely have the kittens at night,
when they're away, in school....and when they say that they get good homes
for the kittens, how can they honestly reinforce the absolute need for
spaying/neutering to the adopters when the example they set was the exact
opposite?  And for every kitten that is allowed to be born and a home found,
a rescue kitten will die because homes are so scarce.

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Oh how very true. I wish the people who don't neuter and spay could all see
this!!!  I get so sick of people who let their cats have kittens so they can
witness the miracle of life!  How I wish their kids could watch all those
precious cats and kittens being killed!!!!!!


On 06-29, Natalie wrote:
> Exposing the killing horrors to the public is the best way to call 
> attention to it; as the saying goes, if shelters had to kill animals 
> in glass houses in town squares, they would stop doing it - if it's 
> out of sight, out of mind, and easily swept under the rug., it will 
> continue!  People must become aware of it, mandatory spay/neuter laws 
> must be passed, and legislators must stop taking money and be 
> continually influenced by lobbyists who want nothing more than to stop 
> it - breeders, many veterinarians, and hunting groups (YES, would you 
> believe?) and many more you would never suspect, are against any
spay/neuter legislation! But it's the ONLY answer!
> Natalie =^..^=
> P.S.
> Maybe all of the rescuers in this group who have ideas, should take 
> this offline..let's put our heads together!
> It can be done!

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