Must cook, having people over - I haven’t had a chance to read what you sent, 
but will, thank you.


Could it be that spay/neuter is so expensive that people gave up their animals 
rather than being made to alter them? When I consider how much vets charge, 
it’s atrocious!  Some vets around here charge up to $500 to spay a cat!  Yet, 
my vet who participates in the FoA and SPAY/USA low-cost spay/neuter plans, 
tells me that he resents people who have their maids/housekeepers/chauffeurs 
drop of their pets to be spayed on a low-cost certificate, since he has to 
refuse/postpone some who truly need those certificates because he allots a 
certain part of his practice to it.

My vet believes that mandatory spay./neuter can work, but it would require for 
many more vets to participate in programs – right now, very few do because 
they’d rather charge a lot of money.  What vets who do not participate don’t 
realize is that they would gain more than half of those people as permanent 


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I wish mandatory s/n worked, but apparently it doesn't correlate with lower 
pound intakes.  They went up when my town passed mandatory s/n.  (Whereas they 
went down when we implemented low-cost s/n.)   From Ryan Clinton (and please 
send flames his way, not mine):

"Research has demonstrated that mandatory spay/neuter laws have never worked in 
any community to either increase spay/neuter rates or to decrease shelter 

Not only that, but such laws have actually increased shelter intake and killing 
as pets are either surrendered or seized for failure to pay regressive fees:

It is also believed that such laws may reduce veterinary-care rates and 
vaccination rates, including rabies vaccinations: 

Thus, "anyone" and everyone who cares about animals should be against mandatory 
spay/neuter laws.

In fact, nearly every single national animal-welfare organization IS against 
mandatory spay/neuter laws, including Alley Cat Allies, Best Friends Animal 
Society, the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Humane, the 
Anti-Cruelty League, the No Kill Advocacy Center, and both the American College 
of Theriogenologists and the Society of Theriogenology (both specialist 
organizations of veterinarians who are experts in spay/neuter), among many 



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