If people give kittens and puppies away, they do not know to whom they are 
going and what will be done to them.  Even if they go to a home with children, 
often the children are not taught how to care for, treat them.  Children can be 
cruel unless they are taught by their parents NOT to be cruel.  The deer, 
rabbits, groundhog, turtle,squirels and raccoons are eating everything in my 
yard, but I cannot kill them.  I know they are hungry and thirsty.  We are 
going thru a long, very hot time (8 days of 100 - 108) and plants are dying 
from lack of water so, are the wild animals.  So to save what I can of my 
plants, I have brought them on the deck and spray them with garlic and rotten 
egg.  It saves my plants (especially vegies) and does not hurt the animals.  I 
also put out water for all.  I get my cats spayed/neutered.  People say it is 
too expensive!  Then, sorry, you should not have them if you cannot care for 
them.  Same could be said about children.  Seems a lot of people don't think 
about that until after the children are born.

---- Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote: 
> You are so right Natalie........ And as for those people saying "Free
> kittens to a good home", they mean anyone who will take a kitten off their
> hands!
> Lorrue
> On 06-30, Natalie wrote:
> > Whenever people say that, I tell them what it really is: The miracle of
> > death!  First of all, the cat will most likely have the kittens at night,
> > when they're away, in school....and when they say that they get good homes
> > for the kittens, how can they honestly reinforce the absolute need for
> > spaying/neutering to the adopters when the example they set was the exact
> > opposite?  And for every kitten that is allowed to be born and a home found,
> > a rescue kitten will die because homes are so scarce.
> > 
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> > Oh how very true. I wish the people who don't neuter and spay could all see
> > this!!!  I get so sick of people who let their cats have kittens so they can
> > witness the miracle of life!  How I wish their kids could watch all those
> > precious cats and kittens being killed!!!!!!
> > 
> > Lorrie
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