Hi Claire,

This is a great group.  I'm a member of 5 cat yahoo groups and this one is
my favorite. I get daily e-mails, and I can delete them or reply to them if
I have something to comment on.  Some people get a daily digest.  We discuss
all sorts of things and the medical stuff is what is most interesting to me. 
Bring up a subject of interest to you, or ask a question, and watch for all
the replies you'll get.


On 07-18, Claire Davidson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a new member of FeLVTalk at felineleukemia.org and have yet to figure
> out how to view daily discussions. I'm used to joining a group and viewing
> discussions, but see nothing under any of the links on your site that allows
> me to do this. Am I to assume that I only view current discussion through
> the email I received below?
> Thanks for your help and for your efforts in helping those who have FeLV
> positvie kitties. 
> Claire Davidson

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