Hi, everyone:  

This precious cat is in NJ - would anyone have any ideas/help for Alfie
before Saturday? 

If so, please contact the person directly at riverm...@aol.com !  

Thank you very much!

Natalie  =^..^=


Wednesday, August 01, 2012 10:49 AM

HI Natalie

Alfie and I became Pals.  He is a 8 or 9 month old orange and white male.
Living in an abandoned house.

Finally a foster home opened up for him!   He is as innocent as a kitten.  A
very sweet cat.  I love the little

guy.   He was tested and is positive for leukemia.  I am devastated.  Do you
know anyone that has a

leukemia cat that may want to meet Alfie?  He needs a good home.  The woman
holding him will only

hold him until Saturday morning.   If you know of anyone , please see if
they would be interested in

giving little Alfie a home.  He is healthy and beautiful.    P.S.  I still
have Molly

Thank you.


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