Kaya should be treated like a kitten who got sick.  Kittens do this regularly 
and because their immune systems are not as fully developed as a cat's is, they 
tend to go downhill fast if not given extra food, meds, etc..  Do NOT put this 
cat on steroids.  It will compromise her immune system even more and ruin her 
kidney function.  Most of my FeLv cats were healthy until a week or two before 
the disease zapped them.  Most of the kittens threw off both FeLv and FIV.  
Several adult cats with FeLv tested negative after 90 days.  It's not a death 
sentence and it's not something you need to treat with meds for the rest of 
their lives.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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One of the 3 kittens I recently rescued tested positive for FeLV on the snap 
test. Although we're going to run the advanced test in about a month, Kaya gets 
sick very easily and loses several ounces when she does. Kaya is almost 5 
months old now, 3 lbs 2 oz, and we've had her for nearly 2 months. At the time, 
we were told the kittens were related and tested a different one. They all have 
herpesvirus, which after being passed around we chose to isolate them 
separately. When Kaya became deathly sick the second time, our vet wanted to 
test her. Realizing none were related, we also retested the other two who came 
back negative. This is my first experience with FeLV and I have so many 
questions that seem to get conflicting answers. 

First, how do I care for a FeLV+ kitten/cat? She's recovering quickly with a 
mix of Natural Balance kibble and high cal/high stink (A/D prescription) wet 
food, with added cat-appropriate vitamin C and Viralys (lysine) and Nutri-Cal, 
but is there anything else I should be giving her while she's sick? Or when 
she's healthy again? 

Will she need to be on steroids or other medications for the rest of her life, 
or can this be managed holistically? 

Once the other kittens are healthy enough for vaccines, could I start them on 
the FeLV vac and let them have supervised visits? They were together for 2-3 
months pre-testing and never got it, and are therefore missing each other quite 
a bit! And if all the cats and kittens in the house are UTD, does Kaya really 
need to be quarantined until she finds her forever home? (3 adults and 4 
kittens, including her.)


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