I had two FeLV+ cats living with quite a few healthy cats for 6 months -
some cats were very young, some very old, and one or two with CRF at the
time.  After finding out - I had the youngest, oldest and sick ones tested
immediately - all OK.  Now I spot check the remaining ones when they go to
the vet.  NOBODY got infected!



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A false negative is possible but not probable since they were living
together before you took them in or at least had contact with each other.
FeLv is NOT as contagious as vets would have you think but I do isolate the
positives from the negatives anyway.  Steroids are only to be used in
extreme emergency. They should not be given as a continuous medication.  I
do give my cat with stomatitis a steroid shot every two to three months if
needed, maybe less if the stomatitis looks like it is interfering with his
ability to eat.  Other than that, I stay away from continuous medications in
general.  The liver and kidneys can be severely stressed and compromised by
having to deal with continuous doses of medications (poisons is what they
are even if they are supposed to only poison viruses and bacterium).
Controlling disorders by a good natural diet is a terrific way to control or
eliminate most problems.  The occasional antibiotic shot or steroid should
be given when needed of course, but always question the vet as to why it
would be needed and would there be an alternative to giving the med.



Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
neighbors too!



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That's a huge relief. Not sure where I'd read the steroids thing, but my
heart sunk seeing it, so I couldn't be more pleased to hear that's not the

I'll definitely re-test Kaya, but I was also wondering, is there any chance
the other kittens could've had a false neg? Like perhaps I tested them too
soon after exposure?

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Kaya should be treated like a kitten who got sick.  Kittens do this
regularly and because their immune systems are not as fully developed as a
cat's is, they tend to go downhill fast if not given extra food, meds, etc..
Do NOT put this cat on steroids.  It will compromise her immune system even
more and ruin her kidney function.  Most of my FeLv cats were healthy until
a week or two before the disease zapped them.  Most of the kittens threw off
both FeLv and FIV.  Several adult cats with FeLv tested negative after 90
days.  It's not a death sentence and it's not something you need to treat
with meds for the rest of their lives.



Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
neighbors too!

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