All the kittens need to be retested after 3 months on the SNAP test. The virus 
can take 12 weeks to show up on the test after exposure.


Forgotten Felines <> wrote:

>One of the 3 kittens I recently rescued tested positive for FeLV on the
>snap test. Although we're going to run the advanced test in about a month,
>Kaya gets sick very easily and loses several ounces when she does. Kaya is
>almost 5 months old now, 3 lbs 2 oz, and we've had her for nearly 2 months.
>At the time, we were told the kittens were related and tested a different
>one. They all have herpesvirus, which after being passed around we chose to
>isolate them separately. When Kaya became deathly sick the second time, our
>vet wanted to test her. Realizing none were related, we also retested the
>other two who came back negative. This is my first experience with FeLV and
>I have so many questions that seem to get conflicting answers.
>First, how do I care for a FeLV+ kitten/cat? She's recovering quickly with
>a mix of Natural Balance kibble and high cal/high stink (A/D prescription)
>wet food, with added cat-appropriate vitamin C and Viralys (lysine) and
>Nutri-Cal, but is there anything else I should be giving her while she's
>sick? Or when she's healthy again?
>Will she need to be on steroids or other medications for the rest of her
>life, or can this be managed holistically?
>Once the other kittens are healthy enough for vaccines, could I start them
>on the FeLV vac and let them have supervised visits? They were together for
>2-3 months pre-testing and never got it, and are therefore missing each
>other quite a bit! And if all the cats and kittens in the house are UTD,
>does Kaya really need to be quarantined until she finds her forever home?
>(3 adults and 4 kittens, including her.)
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