I'm filing it in my Important Mail folder.  I think Romeo would kill me half 
way through the protocol though.  But I could try.

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Thank you – looking at it, I honestly don’t believe that I would be able to 
manage giving it all to the 2 very skittish FIV+ cats, maybe one day…
But I will file it away to use on cats who would allow me to do this!
Natalie  =^..^=
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Holistic Stomatitis Protocol

Note that holistic approaches take longer than do allopathic ones.   These the 
supplements we've been using, but it doesn't mean some aren't optional.  What 
seemed to turn things around was one course of antibiotics along with Coptis 
Purge Fire.  You may have to continue with Coptis Purge Fire forever.   We've 
just gotten rid of the stomatitis symptoms and have not tried stopping the 
supplements.   It's better than extractions, which some say only work 50% of 
the time, and are expensive and invasive to boot.

Health Concerns  Coptis Purge Fire (2 tablets if 1 doesn't work)
CoQ10  30mg (Dr. Clark)
Vitamin A  25000 IU (Metagenics Mycelized Drops)
Vitamin E (dry, no soy)  200 IU (may be optional)
Lysine  500mg
Standard Process Whole Body Support  1/2 to 1 tablet
Standard Process Immune Support  1 tablet
Tumeric  450mg   1/2 capsule  

Can also try:
Colostrum 100mg / Lactoferrin 10mg (separate from food)

Palliative Homeopathy
(as opposed to Classical---not really recommended, but here for completeness)
Mercurius 30C

Antibiotics if really, really bad infections.  Can do it once to get things to 
a level at which the cat can recover with supplements.  Use probiotics 
separately (that is, at least an hour apart) for stomach flora.

Non-anesthetic sonic cleanings to keep gums clean.  In Los Angeles, Kim Haba is 
an excellent dental tech (see below) who can do such cleanings.  Don't feed 
ground bones if they are getting caught in any gum pockets; use calcium 
carbonate supplments instead to balance the Ca:Phos ratio (about 1400 mg per 
pound of ground meat).

Oxyfresh in the water.

Pus in gums: Myrhh. Make a dilution by adding 1 teaspoon of the tincture (the 
alcoholic extract) to a cup of water. Gently apply this to the gums once or 
twice a day. Either use a soft toothbrush or, if the gums are too sensitive for 
this, flush the gums with this solution using a syringe.

Raw diet, per http://catnutrition.org   My recipe with local suppliers 
available on request from khargrea...@gmail.com    

Developed with the help of Dr. Audra MacCorkle http://holisticanimaldoctor.com  
and the forum folks on http://holisticat.com

Dental cleanings in the Los Angeles area:
Four Paws Dental Care
Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs and Cats
Kim Haba

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 7:52 AM, Natalie <at...@optonline.net> wrote:
I now that you posted the holistic stomatitis protocol a while back, I thought 
that I saved it, but can’t find it.
I would very much like to try it on two of our FIV+ cats with stomatitis – one 
case is severe, one just a little.  
However, those cats are not easy to handle…would I be able to use it on them?
Natalie  =^..^=

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