Many of the cats I have had drooled after eating or slapped at the side of 
their mouth with their paw.  The gum on the side that has stomatitis is usually 
bright red, inflamed looking and the cat does not like his whisker pad or that 
side of his face touched.  In the beginning cases, they may be what looks like 
finicky because they are trying to avoid pain and the food they usually eats 
seems, to them, to be the culprit, so even when hungry, they will avoid that 
food. Stomatitis is not just for FIV+ or FeLv+ cats.  It knows no boundaries 
unfortunately and perfectly healthy young cats can get it.  Older cats with a 
history of no dental exams are, of course, more at risk.  Stomatitis can also 
lead to kidney problems because of the bacterial build up in the mouth so you 
need to take at-risk cats to have them checked.

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Check the mouth for sores. Usually cats will spit out there food or run away 
after trying to eat because it it painful. If she is looking thin I'd look at 
her gums to make sure they are pink. Most of mine have died from anemia, which 
is common in FeLV cats. If any of my cats start not acting right I take them in 
for bloodwork. There is so much they can tell that way.


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Hi  Can you all tell me what the stomatitis thing is. I have been reading some 
of your mail.  My felv pos cat has been finicky the past month.  Is this one of 
the symptoms of the disease progressing?  Asked one vet and he said he didn't 
think so.  This was a travelling vet I had to use recently for one of my other 
cats who I could not get in the carrying case.  Sorry for sounding nieve about 
this but it is all new to me.  Chlor felv is a year and a half and a little on 
the small side and looks thin to me lately.  Dotty


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