You can always go to a large pet supply store and ask if they have any
torn/damaged bags of dry food - most will gladly donate them.


That's right, chip in is a GRRREAT idea, Beth!

Go to - you'd be surprised what people collect money for, a
party, a present for someone, and serious stuff!

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Are there any places which donate food in your area? We have several in
Atlanta. Also rescues can sometimes get food to feral feeders at cost. You
could also set up a Chip-in for people to donate $ for food.




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Hi  I was reading your mail.  What did you mean about "that is the price of
free food?"  Do you receive food free for feeding the cats?  I do not TNR.
I don't belong to any program.  Just my lone self feeding the 7 cats.  (they
are all neutered except 2 by someone else) I have spent so much money on
them each week.  Money I don't have.  It is getting to be a bad situation
for me.  





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