Vets push the Hills because Hills says to.

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> Hello All,

My cat Gertrude Penelope Pennyapple is a one year old baby and she has had FELV 
probably since she was born. She has always been very healthy despite the FELV 
and a chronic upper respiratory infection, but recently (Sunday night) she 
contracted a UTI.  She had a urinalysis at the vet and 130 dollars later she 
was diagnosed with an UTI, and Struvite Crystals were present in her bladder.  
I was given an Antibiotic called Orbax and given Hill's Science Prescription 
diet S/D.  I bought a bag of Dry Food and a couple of cans of wet.  

My picky/anorexic cat hates both of them! She ate 1/3 of a can of the wet food 
yesterday, but hasn't touched it today, and she just kind of giggled at the dry 
food and turned away.  

After reading a few articles online, I'm kind of mad they sold me the dry food 
in the first place, since a big part of the struvite crystals is water intake!

I was wondering if anybody has dealt with this issue before, and if so what 
kind of food/diet did you switch to? 

Before the prescription food I was feeding Gertie Whiskas brand meaty 
selections dry food, and occasionally their wet food as well.  I used to feed 
her exclusively Blue Buffalo Wet Food, but this summer funds were tight so I 
switched to the Whiskas, and she seemed to like it more anyway! 

So any suggestions/experiences would be welcome and helpful!! 

Emma Beauchamp

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