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See   That site also has diet recipes, or you 
could write me for mine (which is a chicken version much like found on other 
sites).   Keep track of the urine pH (using a SmartCat litterbox?).  I found 
that Vitamin C didn't help much getting the acidity up, but feeding beef did.   
You'll have to look at the recipes for preground meat, to get the right amount 
of calcium, etc., in there.

Hill's Science diet is unscientific.   Dry is verboten no matter what it's made 

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Hello All,
>My cat Gertrude Penelope Pennyapple is a one year old baby and she has had 
>FELV probably since she was born. She has always been very healthy despite the 
>FELV and a chronic upper respiratory infection, but recently (Sunday night) 
>she contracted a UTI.  She had a urinalysis at the vet and 130 dollars later 
>she was diagnosed with an UTI, and Struvite Crystals were present in her 
>bladder.  I was given an Antibiotic called Orbax and given Hill's Science 
>Prescription diet S/D.  I bought a bag of Dry Food and a couple of cans of 
>My picky/anorexic cat hates both of them! She ate 1/3 of a can of the wet food 
 but hasn't touched it today, and she just kind of giggled at the dry food and 
turned away.  
>After reading a few articles online, I'm kind of mad they sold me the dry food 
>in the first place, since a big part of the struvite crystals is water intake!
>I was wondering if anybody has dealt with this issue before, and if so what 
>kind of food/diet did you switch to? 
>Before the prescription food I was feeding Gertie Whiskas brand meaty 
>selections dry food, and occasionally their wet food as well.  I used to feed 
>her exclusively Blue Buffalo Wet Food, but this summer funds were tight so I 
>switched to the Whiskas, and
 she seemed to like it more anyway! 
>So any suggestions/experiences would be welcome and helpful!! 
>Emma Beauchamp
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