Could you trap the mother cat and have her tested, spayed, given rabies 
vaccination and put back in the colony if it's a colony or if a single cat, 
allow her to live where you found her and feed her?   If mom cat tests 
positive, kitten is probably fighting off the virus.  If mom cat tests 
negative, kitten probably has some other type of infection.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

 From: Maryam Ulomi <>
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2012 7:39 AM
Subject: [Felvtalk] Nutrition and new FeLV positive kitten

I'm sorry for that first email.
I wanted to find out if anyone had some
advice and suggestions on nutrition for the little kitten I have rescue who is 
FeLV positive. She has tested positive and is the kitten of a feral cat, her 
glands are big but I'm hoping because she is now indoor and being cared for 
well she will test negative so I can keep her with my other two adult cats.
I have been feeding her canned good with very high protein contents and no 
seafood, I read that was the recommended diet but any other suggestions, hints, 
are very welcome!

Thank you 

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