What kind of a vet would suggest euthanasia of cats that once had a cold?
With vets like that, who needs enemies!  The same goes for having a cold
that would be a corona virus, which often makes diagnosis of FIP hard
because it's also a corona virus.OMG - I have NEVER, ever, heard of anything
like that!

It's not a stigma, nor should it be, and never has been for us; most people
have no idea what all that means, unless some vet scares the hell out of
them with such nonsense ..



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We have two cats at our house that had Calici when we rescued them and it
should not be a lifelong stigma because once they are over it and continue
to get an FVRCP vaccination every year there should be no issues.  Also, if
they are adopted into a household with other cats and those cats are
vaccinated, there should not be a problem with them either.
I have never heard of anyone not wanting to adopt a cat because he/she had
the flu when he/she was a kitten.  Basically, that is what the Calicivirus
is, the flu, and while it CAN (and often does) kill a cat, not adopting
because a cat was once sick seems ludicrous to me.  
Send me some pictures and I will circulate them

Texas Siamese Rescue


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Hello Everyone,


I am writing to you all in hopes that I may reach a broader group of
wonderful people.  Over 6 months ago I rescued 2 kittens that are both
negative for fiv/felv but 

had the calisi virus and were scheduled for euthanasia.  They were from
different litters and grouped together.  I went in an scooped them up and
spent close to 1000

dollars on treatment medication vaccinations neuter microchip etc.  They are
now healthy and ready for a new home...problem is they are about 6.6 months
old and I have had zero interest in them.  I am willing to do out of state
adoptions, but I will not make any exceptions on a vet reference and a home
visit...which is what I am requesting.

These guys are awesome and I would love for them to be adopted together
because they have bonded so well, however I will not deny either one of them
a good home because of this.  I am in it for the long haul...I just really
need help advocating their adoption because apparently there is some stigma
attached to them due to the calisi they had as babes....any and all positive
and constructive advise is super duper appreciated....thank you all...and
God Bless!


Linda Demiri

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