Yes, that ino does help.  Thanks.  I'll look for the Nutra-Cal.  Is it sort of 
like "Ensure"?  Or is it that brown gel like substance that comes in a tube?  I 
used to give my one cat who had hepatitis that stuff.  Don't know if it's the 
same.  I'll check it out.  It's funny but Chloe, FELV pos does not like the dry 
Sci Diet food that much.  She prefers wet food.  She's very finicky and i go 
thru lots of cans for her since she is so fussy.  

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I used Nutra-Cal for my Felv kitty, Prancer that just passed away. He lived for 
over 9 years!  I ordered it from my Vet or Entirely  Also,  I used 
Interferon for many years and this was  only $25.00 for a bottle, the bottle 
lasted for about 2 months for his size (10 lbs).   Prancer did not like wet 
food and I typically fed him Science Diet or Purina One.  I know that is a bit 
pricey for some on a budget, but I swear by it for a Felv catJ  
I also used these for a Felv Kitten (3 weeks old) that somebody threw out on 
the street and I was lucky enough to be walking the dog when they dumped the 
kitten off.   A friend of mine adopted the kitten and we are waiting to retest 
the kitten.  The kitten is doing great!  Cisco actually had hookworms and I 
found out from the vet that hookworms can kill a kitten!!  Hope this 
information helps!
Lisa Conner
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