During the years of concentration camps, very few babies were born to the women 
who were being tortured there, even though rape was rampant.  It wasn't that 
they "turned off their reproductive system" because it was a "legitimate rape" 
but because below a certain nutritional level, the body of a woman can't 
sustain a pregnancy and miscarries.  Deer and other wild animal populations 
regulate themselves during times when food is scarce and then grow during times 
when food is readily available.  Feeding corn to deer in the winter assures all 
these darling sport hunters of a good stock of victims for their sport when 
deer season arrives again.  If hunting and eating the victim is a good means of 
population control, maybe we should reconsider cannibalism.  Humans are soon 
going to outgrow themselves.  There are 8 billion of us infecting the planet at 
this time and if even half of those breed, we will have another 4 billion 
within a year or two..

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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Yes, it would make sense – if cats had not been domesticated so long ago, they 
would still be part of the natural ecosystem, be considered wildlife and 
probably still reproduce only once, instead of numerous times throughout the 
year, as they do now.  It does happen to most wildlife, but obviously very 
differently, depending on the species.  
It’s too bad that this doesn’t apply to domesticated animals anymore.  I doubt 
that companion animals will ever become extinct.  My hope would be that every 
time someone wanted a cat or a dog, they would have to be on a waiting list – 
what’s happening right now, is obscene – the number of healthy, beautiful 
animals that are killed routinely in shelters and pounds is unbearable.  I 
started the cat rescue 20 years ago, and I don’t think much has changed, other 
than other small groups in the area doing the same thing.  People are still not 
spaying/neutering, still abandoning their pets, and many are still total jerks! 
 Those of us who do rescue, are paying emotional, physically, and financially 
for others’ irresponsible behavior, because we care.
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Does this happen with all species?
I think the best thing to do is leave animals alone, too, but when feral cats 
bother people to the point where they are going to kill them, it's probably 
better to try to get numbers down.   I prefer the methods some used with 
wolves, doing tubal ligations/vasectomies instead of messing with their 
hormones by taking out the sex organs.  That said, we're real good at 
exterminating species, so I hope that doesn't happen with companion animals.
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It’s really interesting because when, and that’s rarely, that they reach a 
biological carrying capacity (or in a severe winter and no food), sperm counts 
go down and females, in real dire situations, will actually absorb their 
fetuses.  Also, people mistake deer as starving in the winter because they may 
seem thin, ribs showing, it’s only that thyroxin (a calcium-rich hormone) 
regulates their metabolisms in cold weather….even iof a lot of food were 
available, they might not be able to absorb all the nutrition.
The best thing is to leave them alone – thousands of years, and they have been 
able to regulate themselves until commercial hunting almost wiped them out at 
the end of the last century, and states had to start managing them to bring 
back the herds – then they found out what a big business it can be (hunting 
licenses, P-R Act, etc)- now they manage for MSY.
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Yes, I've heard from wildlife experts that the population of all species will 
level off at the carrying capacity (food, shelter) of the habitat, despite 
predation (of any sort).   This is why if you want to reduce a species' 
population, you have to sterilize and return, so the sterilized ones take up 
some of that capacity.
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No, they wouldn’t reproduce the same way, that’s the whole point! According to 
research on reproduction, hunted herds twin only 14%, while hunted herds twin 
or even triple at 38%.  It’s just nature’s way!  In fact, predators are better 
hunters because they go for the sick and old animals, while hunters avoid them, 
thereby actually degrading the gene pool – healthier animals are not the result 
of hunting – that’s done at deer farms by mating the best with the best 
specimen, producing fantastic trophy animals.
No, I do not eat any meat.
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