Not sure I could make my own soy milk.  I don't much like milk with cat fur in 
it.  I have almost 40 cats here at any given time, mostly elderly or socially 
or physically handicapped and I can't keep them off counters.  My house was not 
well organized due to a little mistake in planning.  Actually big mistake in 
planning when I moved in so I will, at some future date have to readjust and 
then maybe cooking and cleaning will be a whole lot easier but right now I'm 
concentrating on keeping my head above the financial waters. Hey I forgot about 
the AETA that good ole G Dubya passed.  Just talk against anything in the food 
industry and you've had it.  Fortunately, it hasn't been enforced under Pres. 
Obama but Romney, should we have the misfortune of 4 years of him will be able 
to fill the prisons with people who won't eat fried chicken.  Sigh.  Is this a 
wonderful country or what!  Incidentally I supported Kucinich when he made his 
short run for
 President.  Angels from Heaven are rarely elected.  He's a wonderful, 
thoughtful, intelligent and logical man.

I actually think it's more humane, if someone is a good shot, to kill a deer 
then what is done to the bovine population in factory farming but I don't feel 
that we need to eat animals.  We are omnivores and have a choice.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

 From: Natalie <>
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Subject: [Felvtalk] FW:  Bow hunting

Tell me about being treated as a terrorist!  It has become much better now, as 
far as the general population goes, however, AETA, that’s another wonderful 
thing…. (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act of 2006, passed by only six members, 
under GWB, and the only one who voted against it was Kucinich!) – which can 
make any of us terrorists because of its broad range.
I agree…two cat helper who work here have become vegetarian, and one is well on 
the way to being vegan. It was by example, and discussion.
However, whenever the debate on hunting comes up, and I have many, I am 
immediately accused of eating meat and that it’s not any different than 
venison..when they find out that I do not eat any meat, they start accusing me 
of killing vegetables, that if that’s how I feel about killing, I shouldn’t 
kill them either.  It’s just a distraction, of course.
I am also asked what I eat, and believe me, we use a lot of beans of every 
kind, we don’t suffer from boredom nor do we give up on delicious food  - yes, 
I cook a lot, and I love making up new dishes.  I even started making my own 
soy milk, which is easy and better without all the additives of store-bought.
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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Bow hunting
When I first joined the animal welfare movement, I was and still am an animal 
rights activist, vegan by ethics and choice.  I was treated by some as if I 
were a terrorist, barely tolerated by them, feared by others, ignored by still 
others.  Finally, one of the fearful people asked me what vegetarians eat.  I 
ask back what did she think they ate and she said, "Cabbage, carrots, lettuce, 
you know, vegetables."  I told her that she had probably mistaken us for 
rabbits.  Then I explained the bean protocol, the tofu and soy protocol to 
her.  She wrinkled her nose and said that this can't be healthy.  I wrinkled my 
nose right back at her and said that eating a dead animal isn't healthy 
either.  Some years later, I met her again.  She asked after my cats, found 
that I had as many as I originally had, then asked me if I were still a vegan.  
I told her I was and she said the she wasn't yet a vegan but she was a 
vegetarian because of all the horrid
 things she had heard about how meat was raised and processed.  I think that if 
you are polite and courteous and patient with people and your belief is 
rational, logical and legitimate, you can eventually educate most people to see 
your way of thinking as acceptable and even worth trying especially if that 
belief gets enough press coverage and publicity.
Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 
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