Thursday, October 4, 2012 10:53 AMI get the same response from hostile people.  
"Trees and vegetables are 
living things so you can't eat that either."  Well, I will never be seen 
munching on a tree.  I'm not a woodpecker but my idea is that I never 
eat anything that had a face or could move on feet, claws, feelers, or 
any way else. Most vegetables (except politicians) are meant to be 
eaten.  So are fruits.  When I was growing vegetables, I would allow a 
certain number of them to go to seed, to fulfill their need to 
propagate. The rest I would eat.  Humans have a choice.  Carnivorous 
species such as cats, lions, birds of prey don't have a choice so I 
wouldn't expect them to be made into vegetarians.  Unfortunately, here 
comes the problem.  If we all stop eating animals, then we won't kill 
cows, sheep, pigs and the cats won't have meat in their cat food.  But here's 
the solution.  They 
rarely have much meat in the cat food anyway.  The first ingredient in 
most store products is corn meal.  I assume that we could produce a 
balanced cat food with enough Taurine and other ingredients to satisfy 
physical needs of a carnivore like a cat if everyone in the world became 
vegetarian.  However, thinking that everyone will some day become 
vegetarian is rather unrealistic, like those people who think that if we spay 
and neuter outside cats, colony cats, etc. we will some day not 
have any more cats and dogs on Earth.  Actually, this happened in one 
city.  They picked up all the cats and killed them at the city animal 
pound.  Altogether, 2000 cats were destroyed.  It was a small city.  
Everyone rejoiced.  The outside roaming cat population was gone!  
Several months later, the outside roaming rat and mouse population increased to 
alarming levels and the city had to import a few hundred 
cats from surrounding cities to get things back under control.  Stupid 
ideas abound.  

 Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty 
neighbors too!
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