I agree that neither candidate can make animal rights/welfare a major issue in 
this election and I also agree that the economy is the major issue that impacts 
our rescues and other people's companion animals the most.  Then I look at the 
incumbent and see a man who was trussed up like a chicken about to go into the 
rotisserie and I see who did the trussing up, the Republican Senate.  I look at 
who started the sub-prime mortgage mess that led to so many people losing their 
homes and I see a Republican President allowing banks and stock brokers and 
CEO's of investment companies to have free rein to grab the money and run.  I 
see an ineffectual congress trying to get a fair tax program wherein people 
earning over a quarter of a million dollars a  year would pay their fair share 
of taxes to run the country.  Then I see Republicans putting up road blocks by 
saying that businesses would have to shut down if taxes were raised.  Who the 
heck ever mentioned
 businesses?  The problem is INDIVIDUALS who are rolling in money. I see 
Republicans coming in with smoke and mirrors and clouding the issue, confusing 
people into thinking that the tax hike would be on businesses.  I see a 
ridiculous-on-both sides health care plan with over a thousand pages of 
gibberish regulations.  What's wrong with just extending Medicare and Medicaid 
to everyone?  What's the problem with not re-inventing the wheel and adopting 
the Canadian health care model?  Then my friends tell me that we need a 
business man with a good sense of the economy to run the country.  And I say, 
these are the same people who ran the country off a cliff for 8 years.  I don't 
think I want them in the drivers seat again.  Just my opinion.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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Actually very simple:  Romney’s dog on top of the car and Obama’s dog inside 
the car.
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Without endorsing either candidate here's some thoughts I had on deciding 
between the candidates:
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