What I do is buy the Large Dog size Frontline Plus and break it into 0.05 
doses.  Each tube that would treat one dog, treats seven cats.  Since I have a 
lot of cats, I buy the 6 pack, which costs me about $60 at Costco.  I can treat 
42 cats.  It breaks down to about $1.45 a cat.  However, if you don't have a 
quantity of cats, you could buy the 3 pack.  I think it's about $32.  Each tube 
treats 7 cats.  I think another Yahoo list, <feral_c...@yahoogroups.com> has 
the information on how to dose out Frontline, Advantage and Revolution from the 
Large Dog size. Join and look in Files.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

 From: Martha Walton <marthawal...@gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] President

I have a cat question:  I just bought some Advantage flea drops and whew, it's 
expensive.  I have 5 cats, one of which has a horrible flea-bite allergy.  
Usually I only have to use the drops in the summer months.  All the cats get 
the drops.  Does anyone have any suggestions on cheaper flea drop 
alternatives?  The cat with the flea-bite allergy is so sensitive, she can't 
even get the drops every month, I have to space it out.
I saw on Amazon.com that there are other Advantage drops, one of which includes 
cats & rabbits and it is a bit cheaper, packaged for Europe...has anyone tried 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 12:16 PM, Lee Evans <moonsiste...@yahoo.com> wrote:

I've never been a list moderator or been a position to direct anything except 
to try to direct a bunch of cats to use the litter boxes.  However, let me just 
add a bit of wisdom or non-wisdom, however you want to view it.  Discussing 
politics and religion usually causes minor skirmishes and major wars on any 
list or even in a group around the dinner table.  We all have opinions.  If the 
opinions are about food, clothing, the color of the freshly painted house down 
the street, why the neighbor would ever buy a Chihuahua/Great Dane mix dog or 
anything but religion and politics, we state our opinion, have a chuckle 
sometimes, compliment each other for being able to put a few words together in 
a sentence and go on with the day.  But just start a thread in a group about 
politics in an election year and all h*** breaks loose.  Even if half the list 
is in agreement that one or another candidate is a total screw-up, the other 
half of the list goes bananas
 and defends their total screw-up to the last flaming word.  Unfortunately this 
is because most people don't use logic and research to pick a candidate.  So 
what you get is pure emotion. Other people know deep inside that they are 
supporting someone who isn't exactly wonderful but they are not going to vote 
for that OTHER PARTY because mom, dad, grandma, granddad never voted for that 
PARTY. It is my opinion that most elections are based on who can sell the 
product better and the prejudice of the voters for or against the actual 
person.  I don't mean color or ethnic group although that also comes into the 
mix.  What I mean is that no one even goes to check out the facts.  Like we are 
now having a problem with whether Romney strapped his dog carrier to the top of 
his car.  Or in the past, whether Mr. Obama was a citizen of the United States, 
or whether he was a secret Muslim. These are all smoke screens to keep people 
from thinking about real issues,
 like the price of food constantly going up, how much money  the oil companies 
are actually making when they raise the price of gas every time someone 
mentions Iran or Iraq or any other issue  important to our daily lives.  If I 
spend an hour doing a search on how many bills were passed by the candidates 
that benefited me or took away something for me, I would do much better as an 
informed voter than if I spent my time reading about Romney's dog or Obama's 
birth certificate.  This, I think, is why we get angry with someone who has an 
opinion that does not match ours.  We are not really solidly informed before we 
take the opinion in the first place.  Like standing on the edge of a cliff, 
afraid that someone will push us off and lying to ourselves that if we scream 
loud and long enough, we won't lose our balance.  Maybe we should just stick to 
cats and trade information on how to make their lives better and longer.
>Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty 
>neighbors too!
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>This is why I don't think we should be discussing this on this list.
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>>It is true.  
>>On 10-04, Terri Brown 
>>>    I don't know where you heard that Lorrie, but 
  it's not true.
>>>    Terri
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