Of course you should ALWAYS ask a vet what the dosage is and what product is 
safe for cats.  If you look at the label of Revolution and of Frontline Plus, 
you will see that the ingredients are exactly the same for dogs as for cats but 
not the dosage.  So you have to get the dosage correct.  With Revolution, it 
would be 0.035 and for Frontline, it's 0.05. You need to talk to your vet about 
this and explain that you are on a very limited budget with cats who need flea 
treatment and ask for the dose from her/him.  If your vet doesn't want to do 
that, there are FILES at <feral_c...@yahoogroups.com> that explain dosages.  
Those of us who are caring for multiple cats really can't afford $16 a dose of 
flea treatment for each of 20 to 40 cats each month.  I have a measuring 
syringe with the exact dosage marked off in permanent ink pen.  You MUST read 
labels and compare the dog product ingredients to the cat product ingredients.  
You're right that
 Advantix is deadly for cats because there's an extra one or two ingredients 
added that are only safe for dogs.  I distrust the generic or store brand that 
says that it works as good as whatever you are buying it to replace.  
Sometimes, these products are NOT as good.  So you have to be careful or you 
will have a cat full of fleas AND fleas product.  AND PLEASE, whatever you do, 
don't buy Hartz products.  They are a company that doesn't care if animals die 
from their terrible flea and tick products or are paralyzed for life.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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This is why off-topic posts should be kept off list. I almost deleted this 
because the subject line said "President"
The Advantage dosage I have used for years & got from my vet is  .4 if the cat 
is 8lb or under .8 is over 8lbs

 remeber the dosage is different if you are using Advantage or 
Frontline. & make sure you are using a product that is safe on cats.


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What I do is buy the Large Dog size Frontline Plus and break it into 0.05 
doses.  Each tube that would treat one dog, treats seven cats.  Since I have a 
lot of cats, I buy the 6 pack, which costs me about $60 at Costco.  I can treat 
42 cats.  It breaks down to about $1.45 a cat.  However, if you don't have a 
quantity of cats, you could buy the 3 pack.  I think it's about $32.  Each tube 
treats 7 cats.  I think another Yahoo list, <feral_c...@yahoogroups.com> has 
the information on how to dose out Frontline, Advantage and Revolution from the 
Large Dog size. Join and look in Files.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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I have a cat question:  I just bought some Advantage flea drops and whew, it's 
expensive.  I have 5 cats, one of which has a horrible flea-bite allergy.  
Usually I only have to use the drops in the summer months.  All the cats get 
the drops.  Does anyone have any suggestions on cheaper flea drop 
alternatives?  The cat with the flea-bite allergy is so sensitive, she can't 
even get the drops every month, I have to space it out.
I saw on Amazon.com that there are other Advantage drops, one of which includes 
cats & rabbits and it is a bit cheaper, packaged for Europe...has anyone tried 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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