I don't believe that the doses would be different because you break the big one 
into 7 doses (as in Frontline Plus).  I was afraid to do this at first because 
I thought it might somehow be different than the single doses but if you think 
about it, there's no sediment at the bottom of the tube.  It's all uniformly 
mixed so no possibility of different strengths from breaking up the tube into 
smaller doses. What you are paying for in the standard cat dose is the 
packaging.  You are paying for 3 plastic tubes instead of one larger plastic 
tube.  I don't feel that plastic tubes are so great that  I want to pay $15 
extra above the cost of the ingredients.  I wish more stuff was on a "bring 
your own bottle" basis.  Some stuff in the grocery store is sold that way - 
peanut butter, honey, some cosmetics.  Everything else is over-packaged so that 
when you finish your juice or your ketchup or whatever, you either toss the 
package, bottle  into the landfill
 or you have to lug it to recycle if you don't live in a city with curbside 
pick-up.  I have been breaking Frontline Plus and Revolution into cat size 
doses for years.  Haven't tried Advantage though because it goes by weight and 
that's a little more work intensive, since I have several cats who can't fit 
through the doorway and several more who could slip through the keyhole.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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On 10-05, Edna Taylor wrote:
>    My vet frowns on using any dog flea product on cats because she said
>    even though it is the same ingredients, the portions of the same
>    ingredients may be different. 

The vet will make much more money if you give individual doses. I cannot do
this as I have 24 rescued cats at this time, and at $15. a pop, every month,
I'd be broke in no time, so I buy flea stuff from CAnada or overseas and
dose down from the big dog size.  However, dosing down from the big dog
size MUST be carefully figured out so the cats are not hurt.

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