As someone posted already, as soon as someone needs advice, the off topic will 
change immediately.  This happens during a lull – we haven’t had any serious 
issues for a while!, which is good. Then your problem came along, and I saw 
quite a few replies from several people; if you feel it wasn’t enough, ask 
again, what specific concerns or explanations you require after the advice was 

Yes, FeLV is super serious, and this is exactly where you can get help. 

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I am surprised this list got so off topic.  A few years ago, this wouldn't be 
allowed to happen.  I have very strong political opinions, and very strong 
opinions about hunting, but what I rejoined this list for was only to 
understand how to deal with 9 kittens from a few different litters in same 
colony, where one tested positive and I think I got one, maybe two answers.  


I guess it's OK to talk about other things, if a newcomer feels like he or she 
has been listened to, but I did not.  


For me, 9 kittens are a lot of kittens to worry about even with past LK 
experience.  So I don't really see how a total newcomer would have been helped 
by this list over the last week or two whatsoever.  


Leukemia is scary, and this list should be an opportunity to educate.  I don't 
feel comfortable sending people to this list if they are ignored.


  Would rather stick to common sense, out of the box, how to help and what to 
expect.    It's shame to loose this resource.  My 2 cents. 







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That’s what my vet gives me – Cyproheptadine (Periactin) – ¼ pill does a good 


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Another brain cell woke up and reminded me that there's also an antihistamine 
called Ciproheptadine.  I'm thinking that this is the one they use as an 
appetite stimulant.

I just Googled it and sure enough, this is the one.  If you want more 
information on getting your cat to eat go to the following Website: Tanya's 
Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease.  The URL is:  There are some other hints on getting an 
anorexic cat to chow down also.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 



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I have been trying that, she eats just a smidge and then turns away :(  Thank 
you :)  Poor thing is just wasting away and I feel so helpless :(

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> You can try gerber stage2 baby food...the meat kind (ham, beef, turkey, etc). 
> Not all thw nutrition a cat needs but it gets them something. 
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