Thanks, but I have come to grips with my own beliefs & I have done enough 
research to have a firm conviction of my own 
I just don't feel the need to discuss them in a forum which is supposed to be 
support for people with FeLV cats....

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I just went to the website for the first time.  Mail Archives is 5th down the 
list.  The other links take anyone interested to Treatments, FAQ's, FeLv Links 
and the mailing list.  Why would anyone needing information on the disease pass 
up all these opportunities and go to Mail Archives?  In addition, the main 
section of the home page is devoted to Treatments!  

It's too bad that discussions of politics annoy some people but you can't put 
one issue into a bubble and not expect that world and local events won't impact 
it.  Politics these days impacts our very existence since it includes our 
personal finances, whether our children and grandchildren will be sent to 
foreign countries to fight wars against people they have never even met and die 
or be injured and handicapped for the
 rest of their
 lives. It impacts whether we have personal resources to care for our companion 
animals, whether they are feline, canine or some other species.  It impacts 
whether we will have a place to live where our cats and dogs are accepted as 
part of our family.  Even as personal a topic as religion impacts us.  You have 
to remember that cats have been associated with women for centuries and women 
have been suspected of being witches by some major religions.  Therefore, cats 
and women have been killed by being tossed into flames and burned to death, 
tossed into rivers and drowned, because some religions believe that cats and 
women are in league with the devil.  Most religions, up to a decade ago refused 
to believe that animals have souls.  Most still don't believe that cows, sheep, 
pigs and other animals have souls.  I have no idea on what authority they come 
to this conclusion but it endangers our companion animals and turns
 them and their brothers and sisters of other species into food, decoration, 
sport and entertainment items and clothing because they are viewed as products 
that happen to be animated and able to move from place to place on their own, 
instead of living beings having the same Life Force as we have.

Most topics we discuss here, INCLUDING Politics and Religion are not OFF TOPIC 
but are on topics that seem to anger those who have not come to grips with 
their own beliefs and probably have not done enough research to have a firm 
conviction in their own beliefs.  Trust that if someone from the outside comes 
onto this list and needs information on all the health issues concerning FeLv+ 
cats, they will get more information and answers than they ever expected.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 


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