Hey all, 

Hope everyone is doing well. I have received a number of 
complaints privately about the amount of OT posting of 
late. There are a lot of people whose mailboxes simply 
cannot handle the volume of extraneous mail. Also, 
people should be respectful of the mission of this group 
and try to stay on topic as much as possible. Yes, OT 
posts once in awhile are ok. But, it has gotten a bit out of 
hand of late. So, please try to keep posts on topic again. 
Thank you all for your cooperation. After all, we are all 
here for our cats and for each other. Kind regards.

James G. Wilson - FeLV list administrator
http://www.felineleukemia.org (FeLV Support)
http://weather62025.com (for Edwardsville, IL)

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