I had this same thing happen when I tried SweatScoop. It turned to cement at 
the bottom of the litter pan. I had to get a hammer to get it out.


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This is a horror story.  It's true.  My cats will tell you it is.  One day, 
several years ago, I decided to purchase clumping litter.  In those days I was 
using Traditional, a brand put out by HEB supermarket.  Traditional is a white 
litter, not too much dust, at that time very inexpensive. Then I saw HEB 
Scoopable.  It wasn't very expensive so I lugged a couple of bags home.  Now, 
the horror part comes when you realize that I knew nothing about clumping 
litter except that it clumps when hit with something liquid.  So I poured the 
same amount of clumping clay into the cat boxes as I had with the ordinary 
stuff.  Sigh! Once in a while I should read directions.  The litter clumped to 
the bottom of the box.  Solid.  Cement.  Mixed with cat piss.  I had to take 
all the boxes out to the yard and use a hack saw to get the litter out.  
Finally, hammer, chisel and garden hose got the boxes back to usable state.  
Five hours wasted.  Cats giggling
 inside, waiting to see what I would do next.  I read the directions.  Needed 
was at least three inches of litter per box.  Ten boxes.  Five bags of cheap 
clumping clay.  Ah.  It clumped.  Did not stick to the bottom of the box.  Each 
perfectly formed clump weighed about three pounds.  Hernia time. I purchased 5 
bags of litter, each weighing 20 pounds.  I filled up about 10 boxes.  Used 
about 5 of the bags, give or take a few grains of sand.  Half a bag to a box.  
That would be about 10 pounds of clay per box.  After all was said and done, I 
got over 24 pounds worth of clumps out of each box. I wish someone would make 
litter out of silver dollars that would triple when hit with a liquid 
substance.  Used up an entire roll of garbage bags.  Sanitation department 
workers had to be hospitalized for hernias.  It was around that time that I 
discovered Feline Pine.  The cats were a little startled at having to do their 
thing on something that
 smelled like wood and rolled around like marbles but they got the hang of it 
finally.  Some like to bat the pine pellets all over the floor.  They 
especially like to bat them over to the door so when I come into the room I 
step rolly-polly pellets and go skidding into a wall.  Need a book on cat 
behavior modification.

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