Saw it, but so far I have been lucky and had no experience with it.

---- Lisa Conner <> wrote: 
> Hi All,
> I think everyone was so hung up with this politcal debate,  no one saw my 2 
> questions on Interferon and the length of years a Felv + cat has lived.
>  Ok-  so,  I joined when my 9 + year old boy, Prancer became very 
> sick..literally overnight.  He breathing was extremely labored and I rushed 
> him to the Emergency Vet.  They said he was critical ,  and didn't think he 
> was going to make it.  May be best to put him to sleep since he was Felv+ and 
> needed oxygen and and his gums were pale.  That night they extracted 3 ½ cups 
> of fluid from his lungs.  Thank goodness, because that saved his life.  In 
> the morning we transferred him to our regular vet and our vet thought it was 
> his heart.  He was right.  The ultrasound showed a huge mass tumor at the 
> base of his heart.   The vet wasn't sure how much time Prancer had, however, 
> he said it might be a day or week,  depending on how much fluid built up in 
> his lung area.  Within 4 days, the fluid was back and I could not have him 
> suffer as I lost my Dad to the the suffering of congestive heart failure 
> (with build up of fluid in the lungs).
> So, my vet believes that Interferon might have helped Prancer over the years, 
> since in all his years in practice,  they have not seen a cat like Prancer, 
> great health  for 9 ½ years, but be Felv +.
> Has anyone in this group used Interferon with their cats and what is the 
> typical avg span life for Felv+ cats?
> Thanks!

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