Thanks for sharing the great information.  Very helpful to me, as I seek to use 
the best products for my beloved furry friends.

Sorry to see you check out – you have been very helpful, to me.



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It seems that this topic still isn’t closed, is it?  There have been comments 
after the one you just responded to here.


I joined because a friend recommended this group, and it has been helpful.  I 
had 2 adult FeLV+ cats.  One of the cats died of CRF, and the other was adopted 
by a veterinarian and is still doing OK.  Those 2 cats lived with a large group 
of healthy cats for about 6 months, and I tested all starting with very young 
and older cats – not a single cat contracted the virus!  6 months should have 
been enough time to do so, shouldn’t it?

Since I don’t have any FeLV positive cats right now, I decided that I will get 
off this list – I learned things that I’d rather not have known, such as 
someone hunting small game, another person having cats declawed routinely, I 
guess because the vet offers such a great deal, etc. 

But before I leave, I will post just one site about Clumping litter containing 
sodium bentonite.  Don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be listed in the 
ingredients!~  And as long as it states that it can be flushed down the toilet, 
is doesn’t contain SB, which would completely block the plumbing.

I’ve seen so many reviews, often poo-pooing the dangers, misstating that SB 
expands 5 times its weight (it’s capable of absorbing liquid and moisture 15 x 
its weight, and is- used in construction).  The best article was written in 
Tiger Tribe, a holistic cat magazine that is no longer published. When I heard 
that they were closing down operations, I bought all the back issues. - Clumping clay litters, 
a deadly convenience.

This one is short and sweet. -


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I disagree. Please can we just end all the political talk.


Cindy Reasoner


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I must respectfully disagree, this wasn’t about bashing anyone– to state a 
platform on which a candidate is running is just that – no one was calling any 
candidate horrible names!



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