You were lucky because 9 1/2 years is a long time for a FeLV cat, especially if 
he had it as a kitten.  Most cats that had FeLV as a kitten don't live past 3 
years.  Many live less than a year.  If you were giving him interferon then 
maybe that was it.  I have heard of some that lived about that long but not too 
often if they got it as a kitten from their mom.  One vet told me about one 
that lived until it was 18.  I kind of wonder if the vet was smoking dope cause 
that's really odd.

I had one that died at 2 years old that had a mediastinal tumor.  Like Prancer 
she was fine then one day her breathing became labored.  Before the vet and I 
could even discuss what to do she died.  At the time I did not know she had 
FeLV because she tested negative as a kitten.  They didn't see the tumor on 
X-ray because of all the fluid so we did a necropsy to see where the fluid was 
coming from.  Sure enough the vet found this large tumor and it had actually 
punctured her heart and the fluid in her chest was all blood.  Then the vet got 
curious and did a combo test and found the FeLV.  My guess is that most likely 
the tumor would have eventually ruptured Prancer's heart too so you probably 
did the best thing for Prancer.

I didn't know they could treat those kinds of tumors.  In my cat's case it was 
too late when we found it but I'm glad to know that in case something comes up 
in the future.


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I used interferon with Salome'.  I started her on it when she was 
about 3 years old, and I gave it to her as often as I could get a hold of 

Salome' lived to be 9 1/2 years old, and she died from liver failure.

Hope that helps!


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I think 
everyone was so hung up with this politcal debate,  no one saw my 2 
questions on Interferon and the length of years a Felv + cat has 

Ok-  so,  I joined 
when my 9 + year old boy, Prancer became very sick..literally overnight.  
He breathing was extremely labored and I rushed him to the Emergency 
Vet.  They said he was critical ,  and didn’t think he was going to 
make it.  May be best to put him to sleep since he was Felv+ and needed 
oxygen and and his gums were pale.  That night they extracted 3 ½ cups of 
fluid from his lungs.  Thank goodness, because that saved his life.  
In the morning we transferred him to our regular vet and our vet thought it 
was his heart.  He was right.  The ultrasound showed a huge mass 
tumor at the base of his heart.   The vet wasn’t sure how much time 
Prancer had, however, he said it might be a day or week,  depending on 
how much fluid built up in his lung area.  Within 4 days, the fluid was 
back and I could not have him suffer as I lost my Dad to the the suffering of 
congestive heart failure (with build up of fluid in the lungs).  

So, my vet 
believes that Interferon might have helped Prancer over the years, since in 
all his years in practice,  they have not seen a cat like Prancer, great 
health  for 9 ½ years, but be Felv +.  

Has anyone 
in this group used Interferon with their cats and what is the typical avg span 
life for Felv+ cats?  

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