Not ding bats, just bull headed.  Don't tell me what to eat!

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I don't think I ever saw the yellow bag that Susan Hoffman mentioned.  
They have a light blue bag of Reduced Calorie food (diet food) but I 
don't use that on skinny cats and the fat cats would probably eat the 
fatty food while the skinny ones would most likely head for the diet 
food.  Ding-bat cats.

You would probably need two memberships at Costco, one
 for cat food and cleaning products through a 501 c 3 tax exempt 
organization and your own private membership that you already have.  I pay 
about $18  year for
 my one third share of the membership.  I don't buy food there because 
I'm one person and can't afford to buy in quantity for myself.  But if 
you purchase cleaning products, paper towels, garbage bags, hand 
sanitizer, cat litter, flea treatment (they sell Frontline Plus and 
their own brand of flea treatment), anything you
 could list under caring for rescued cats, you can charge them under the
 non-profit heading. Costco also sells boxes of canned Friskies and 
canned Fancy Feast.  The price is comparable to PetsMart, maybe a penny 
or two less per can.  You have to buy a box of 24 for the Frikies.  I 
think it's 18 cans for the Fancy Feast.  Way out of my league at this 
time though.  I usually purchase 9 Lives canned cat food and all 
cleaning products at HEB- Plus supermarket.  We are listed with the 
company as tax exempt.  I fill out a short form each time I make a 
purchase and don't have to pay the 8% sales tax. I do a separate order 
on my personal food and purchases. In the past I have also bought the 
round sherpa cat beds and litter boxes at the supermarket with the tax 
exemption. It definitely adds up.

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