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I'm so sorry you had this experience. Unfortunately many "no-kill" shelters are 
really not totally no-kill - they do euthanize for FeLV & FIV, usually because 
they have no place to house/foster the positive cats. 

It is routine for shelters to make you sign all rights over to them. It usually 
will say in that ppw that they euthanize for FeLV & FIV.
It is also normal for you to have to go through the same adoption process as 
anyone else even if you were the one surrendering the animal.
It is crazy, though, that they would not call you & give you the chance to take 
the cat back or permanently foster her. However, their reasoning might have 
been that the cat had been outside & they were afraid you may re-release her 
with a contagious virus.

I had this happen with an FIV+ cat when I 1st moved into my neighborhood. I 
found the cat & he was injured. I already had 5 cats & could not take another, 
so I took him to a local emergency vet that had an "injured stray" program. 
They took in donations for injured strays & then adopted them out. When I 
called back to find out how he was they said he tested positive for FIV & they 
were going to euthanize him. I begged them to give me time to find someone to 
take him - I had a friend with an FIV+ cat. Unfortunately she could not take 
him. So I called the vet & said I would take him back. They then said NO - They 
could not trust that I would not let him outside again & he was contagious. I 
pleaded with them to wait for my vet's office to open the next day & have her 
vouch for me (they knew my vet well). She did & I was able to pick him up. He 
lived 10 healthy years with me.

BTW our shelter does NOT euthanize for FeLV or FIV. I foster FeLV cats for them 
& we actually rent a house for the FIV cats to live in.
You can see the FIV cat's FB page here:


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Subject: [Felvtalk] "No-kill" animal shelter killing FeLV+ cat

Dear all,

I feel for all of you who lost your cat(s). I have lost one too many and I 
can't bring myself to think losing another one. I would like to share something 
with you all and ask your opinions and advice since I am not originally from 
the US and I don't know how things go over here plus I might not be thinking 
straight because I am very upset. This happened on Saturday and I have been 
crying since...

I came across to this cat-we named her River-less than 2 weeks ago cross the 
road from my home in an unused shed. I usually don't look around but for some 
reason, I looked towards the shed and there she was looking at me...She was not 
moving a lot, sickly and skinny. I started feeding her, she ate a lot and 
became more energetic in 2 days. She had started wandering around since she 
wasn't starving anymore and I became afraid of coyotes killing her or cold 
weather coming soon. I called the local no-kill shelter to ask what to do. They 
told me to take pictures and uploaded on their facebook page in order to locate 
her owners. She definitely had owners once and probably was dumped...She was a 
very loving sweet cat. I suspected, being a house cat she didn't know what to 
do to feed herself and that's why she was in that shape. After a while she was 
so great, even if she was not in the shed, she would come running when I called 
her. A few days later
 shelter called and said they had an opening for her. This was a good timing 
because of freeze warning coming to our way. I already have another cat and I 
didn't want to bring her home without knowing that she is healthy...We-me and 
the kids-were so happy to bring her to safety. They asked me to sign a form 
saying that I gave all her rights to the shelter. I was puzzled but knowing 
that it was a no-kill shelter I was not that concerned. I put a note saying 
that I was not the owner and she probably had an owner...I asked a lot of 
questions, when would we know about her health, how can we adopt her, can I 
visit her etc.? I told them we were planning to adopt her but my husband needed 
to be convinced...They told me the vet would be coming on Thursday and the 
blood test would be back and she would be in pet finder after a while. They 
said no to visitation and no to adopting her right from the shelter...I said 
what if someone adopts her before we see the
 ad, please call me etc...And then we left. I didn't know that I brought her to 
her death by my hands thinking I was doing the right thing...

I called them Saturday and they informed me that they "put her to sleep" on 
Friday because she had FeLV+...I said why didn't you call? no answer...Between 
killing an animal and making a phone call they picked killing her. After I read 
online that there are many false positive on this test ( I don;t think anyone 
bothered to do the second test) and even if she was positive she could be 
living a long life in a one-cat household...I can't believe any animal lover 
would be that quick to kill one without exploring other options or calling 
someone-me- who showed extreme interest on saving this cat...Please anyone let 
me know if this is what they do in the shelters? Is there anything we can do to 
change their policy? She even gave me a line of " oh, you did such a good job 
taking care of her, she would have died if not for you"

No one ever mentioned me killing the cat-never...If they did I wouldn't leave 
River there.

Please drop me a few lines, I am still crying and I think I owe this to River 
to at least question their actions...I can't even look over the shed which is 
cross the road from my home-impossible to avoid and couldn't even tell the kids 
what happened...

Thank you for all your help,


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