The seizures probably have nothing to do with FeLV. Has he had a full blood 
I've only ever had one cat with seizures developed late in life, but he had 
multiple birth defects.
I know it's frustrating to see them go through it.


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 From: Wendy <>
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2012 7:47 AM
Subject: [Felvtalk] Seizure activity in my FeLV cat

Do any of you have experience with seizure activity in your felv kitties?  My 
five and one half year old felv cat has had multiple episodes of what the vet 
believes are small, focal seizures.  They begin with ear twitching, which 
increases until he becomes extremely frightened, he appears to be trying to 
close his eyes and he runs and hides.  Ear mites/fleas have been ruled out.  He 
has vomited on several occasions prior to the episode beginning.  He is healthy 
in all other respects.  Do you have suggestions for management?  This boy is my 
"sole survivor" of three felv babies we had from six weeks of age.  I love him 
dearly and want to do my very best for him.  Thank you for any suggestions or 
comments you can give me.  I very much appreciate this group as a resource! 
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