Hi all, a couple of notes --

1) When brother goes to vets to get cardboard carriers -- see if he can
borrow PLASTIC carriers.

The cardboard carriers are not ideal for rescue -- they can very easily
open, bottom can just fall out.
If get wet, even worse.  In emergency, we've done some rescues with
cardboard carriers (or a
cardboard box), but if possible, get PLASTIC.

Have brother bring towels, drape the carrier(s) with cats in them after he
gets them into his car.
This helps calm down even very tame kibs.

2)  Many cats do not know how to hunt -- momcat needs to teach them, in
most cases.

3)  Check whatever the official animal control, for that area -- check
anonymously to make sure
can list as found, without relinquishing cats.  Do list as found, if you

People tend to always assume "this cat was purposefully dumped by their
owner", when most of the
time that's not the case --

-- someone who is NOT the owner could dump a cat

-- cat could have gotten out of car, if person didn't understand you need
to keep cats, who are in
vehicles, in a cage or carrier

99 plus percent of the time, you'll never get a response.  But once in a
zillion, you'll reunite a cat
with owner.

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