Plan on keeping Ozzy locked up for a few weeks after his neuter.  It takes at 
least 2 or 3 weeks for that boy smell to go away.  (And it just seems to 
permeate the house.  You may want to cage Ozzy as far away from the living 
quarters as possible.)

From: Lee Evans <>
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Sent: Thursday, November 1, 2012 9:19 AM
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Ozzy and Miss Kitty

You might want to spray something around Ozzy's door to neutralize the scent of 
an intact cat or your other male cats might begin trying to scent things their 
way and you will be mopping up a whole lot of cat pee.  There are sprays with 
pheromones, odor neutralizing sprays and even a catnip spray with natural 
catnip oil.  That may be something to get the cats excited about Ozzy in a 
positive way. 

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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Subject: [Felvtalk] Ozzy and Miss Kitty

Tomorrow morning Ozzy goes in for neuter, exam, testing and
vaccinations.  Following day Miss Kitty goes with me to pick up Ozzy
to get her exam and vaccinations.

Gonna have to rob a bank for this but want to get it done quickly as
Oz is causing some unrest within the ranks.  My other cats seem to be
jealous of an intact male and wanna get thru the door to prove they
were here first - or something!

So far they are both doing well.


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