Well, good news and not so good news.

The cat that originally started all of this, Ozzy, is definitely an
older cat and as I suspected, he tested positive for FIV although neg
for FeLV.  As he is obviously a battle veteran and drew blood from the
person who originally  rescued him too, indications are he will be
more than happy to fight others and share the virus.  He was also
loaded with tape worms which men's Miss Kitty likely has them too so I
have to dose them both for that.

The vet couldn't give me an estimate of Ozzy's age other than to say
he was no spring chicken.  Why?  Because he has almost NO teeth.  One
canine was intact but the rest were broken or missing.  He removed a
couple of the broken ones but says there were many that were just
roots and there was nothing he could do short of major surgery.  Says
his gums are in surprisingly good condition, he just has no teeth.
Suspect many were broken in fights.  It is amazing to me how he puts
away dry cat food - LOTS of it - when he has no teeth!

Technically, a fighter like Oz should be quarantined for the rest of
his life cause of the FIV.  If I were to do that it would mean keeping
him in my master bathroom.  Not too fond of that idea.  Only other
option is to make him an outdoor cat and I don't like that either.  If
he starts spraying that will be my only option tho I suspect.  Even
tho neutered now he has been around long enuff marking is a natural
thing for him and will likely continue.

Now for the good news.  Miss Kitty came thru with a clean bill of
health, got her vaccinations, and goes  back in 4 weeks for her

Total bill this time around was $168.

Both are now back in the master bathroom while I "gird my loins" and
prepare to dose them for worms.  I think Oz will take his in a bit of
canned cat food but Miss Kitty turns her nose up at anything from a
can so hers will have to be a pill.  I will let all know if I survive!


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