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Rubber Sheeting White 
# 1491315 (I don't know how to do link to you but using your  link this is 
the #) 
reg. 14.99.  it is half off or more when you use one of  their coupons.   
Years ago, it came in a lot of different prints.  i  have only found white 
in the past couple of years.  unfortunately, I  don't think it caught on or 
people just don't know about it .   
I had a baby store and discovered.  Became one of my  best sellers.  People 
loved to line their cribs with it - is 100%  cotton.  I also used on my 
mattress when I was carrying for my dying  brother and elderly parents.  I 
would cut to size I needed (just snip and  tear).   I guarantee 100%.  comes 
like new after washing  and putting in dryer.   
A stress reliever for sure for those of us in rescue.
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I saw your posting about the waterproof sheeting sold  at Joanns.
I think I know what you are talking about, but I was wondering  if you 
could find it on their website for me and send me back the name or  link.  

It  is a great solution, I could even make some slipcovers from the  

Thanks so much, the experience of others makes having cats  much, much  


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