The Sentry calming collars work very well. That have the same pheromones as the 
feliway. But they wear them(-:

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On Nov 5, 2012, at 2:46 PM, <> wrote:

> Re:  Harley  I have a Felway diffuser going 24hrs a day and even bought a cd 
> of music that is supposed to "CALM" animals.  It is great for putting me to 
> sleep at night, but has no effect on Harley.
> ---- Martha Walton <> wrote: 
>> Went to the store that the mattress came from.  They sold me a waterproof
>> cover for $40.
>> I got one for both of the beds in the house.  The man says it works great
>> for pet problems.  I put the cover under the mattress pad.  I hope it works.
>> I put vinegar/water on the soiled spot and it dried quickly with the
>> ceiling fan on high.
>> We have a recently adopted cat and there are some battles going on in the
>> house.  I might try the feliway diffuser.
>> Oh, also I wanted to add that my couch is covered with carpet protector
>> that is held onto the couch with upholstery Twist Pins.  On top of that are
>> two slipcovers.  That's how I have my couch protected.  It's pretty comfy.
>> Who was that on this board who said to let the cats have the house and the
>> humans can live in the closets?  ha ha ha
>> On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 12:44 PM, Lee Evans <> wrote:
>>> For the summer, you can get either the disposable large size pads or the
>>> adult mattress pads that are sold at medical supply shops for adults with
>>> bladder incontinence.  Hey, I'm the queen of waterproofing.  With all the
>>> cats I have had, there has always been a bed wetting problem with at least
>>> one or two of them.  Instead of screaming and tearing my hair out and
>>> dumping the cat out the door, I used some of my elderly mom's disposable
>>> mattress pads for a while.  She actually wasn't incontinent but she
>>> couldn't walk so needed a bed pan, so just in case...I would use the
>>> mattress pads.  Then I purchased several of the washable types when one of
>>> my very old cats began thinking the bed was her litter box.  You can also
>>> purchase a zippered waterproof mattress cover, then put a regular quilted
>>> mattress topper over it and just toss the topper into the washing machine
>>> if someone makes a mistake, sponge the waterproof cover with rubbing
>>> alcohol.  It's a good deodorizer after it evaporates.  But in the summer,
>>> if you don't want to feel you are being shrink wrapped, you can use the top
>>> removable types and either toss into the wash or toss into the garbage if
>>> they are disposable.  The washable are more economical. You can even make
>>> up the bed in the morning and then put a fitted waterproof mattress topper
>>> over the whole thing to keep everything good while you are gone.  If an
>>> accident happens, you just whisk the cover off and you are ready for
>>> sleeping in the bed.
>>> For the nasty drip into the mattress I would recommend an enzyme type odor
>>> eliminator.  I used to use Petzyme, which you can purchase at PetsMart.  It
>>> doesn't have any added scent as a cover up.  Sometimes I think I prefer the
>>> odor of cat pee to those awful "perfumes" they dump into deodorizers.  When
>>> you use the enzyme type deodorizer, you have to make sure the spot stays
>>> wet for at least 24 hours.  If it dries out, by-by little beneficial
>>> bacteria and the enzyme doesn't work.
>>> You can Google cat urine neutralizer or deodorizer and see what you come
>>> up with. There are many brands and many prices.
>>> Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
>>> neighbors too!
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