Please keep him indoors, in a bathroom or somewhere, in a cage?  Why do you 
think he'll test positive?   I am amazed at how you nonchalantly say he has his 
claws (well, yes!  Is this unusual?  ) ... But he's not a good hunter ...   And 
you must rehome or kill him.    Is this how it is?   Why does this upset me so 
much?  I would first be concerned with him getting indoors, immediately. to me, 
that would be first on my list.  Maybe it's just a different mindset in md?  
Please bring him in somehow.   Ask a neighbor,  a friend,  family, pay 
someone...  Anything, but don 't leave him out there please?

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On Nov 15, 2012, at 12:02 PM, tamara stickler <> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I haven't posted for oh - seven years or so, not since I placed Simms with 
> Anne.  But, I've recently pulled another dumped cat from the streets.  We are 
> having him tested tonight to see if he is positive or negative - but 
> something tells me the test might come back as a positive. 
> I have a home lined up for him if he is clear - but if he does have felv I 
> will need to either rehome or have him put down.  (I don't have even an 
> alcove in my small appt. that I can put him in at the moment - positive or no 
> &  the woman who agreed to foster him for a few days will not do so if he 
> tests positive.)  Currently I am trying to find another foster or home - just 
> in case.
> He's fairly young - under 2yrs.  I would say.  Sterling silver tabby - a BIG 
> guy - a bit underweight for his bone structure, he still weighs in around 14 
> lbs., short-haired.  Scared but not feral - sought out humans and was a 
> regular at the ground level windows of condos housing other cats in the 
> neighborhood. 
> He has his claws, but doesn't seem to be a great hunter - he has been seen 
> sitting-dozing under one neighbor's bird feeder amongst squirrels and birds 
> on several occasions.
> I'm in Maryland - but am willing to transport him for the right home.
> If anyone is even a little interested please let me know.  Thanks!
> Tamara
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