Funny enough around here they don't wanna put them to sleep (no space to put 
them afterwards) so they just say sorry have some vitamins and good bye when 
you leave their offices.  I will rather put myself to sleep than do it to my 
kitty (sorry but I will)  I got him when he was 5 days old and had to perform 
cpr on him at 10 days old as he didn't want to breath anymore so he is super 
special for me he is my kid.  I will definitely have a look at L-Lysine I am 
prepared to do anything for him as long as he is not in any pain think that 
will kill me if I know he is in pain.  He is living a very stress free life 
thus far (own playroom, jungle gym, toys, bed and even aircon as it get 40-45 
degrees around here), my main concern is that it was picked up to late being 
that he is losing weight fast and still not eating good even if I give him his 
special treats that he loves and yes his age.

Kind Regards
Lauraine Venter

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You would be amazed at the number of vets in the US that reccommend putting a 
FELV+ cat to sleep because they feel it won't live and the costs can be high 
sometimes. My vet (one of the good ones) said it was up to me, there was a 
chance she could live a long life. It depends on the person living with the 
cat.  How much do you love him (sorry bout that, could have sworn I saw her in 
your first mail).  My Annie was 4 and is now 8 and has never been sick in that 
time.  Nitnoy came with problems, a raccoon bit her tail off so she had stress 
to begin with.  She still lived a normal, healthy life until 2 weeks before she 
passed with her head on my shoulder.  There was no great pain for her, she 
simply sighed and was gone.  
One of the main things to do is avoid stress, that hurts the imune system.  The 
L-Lysine will boost his immune system and hel fight off the FELV or the 
secondary infection.  Because your baby is so young, it might be harder to 
fight it off, but if you are conserned enough to reach out for help, he has 
love to boost him and in my book that counts a lot.  I will keep both of you in 
my prayers.
---- Lauraine Venter <> wrote: 
> I can find any medications on line and get it past customs no problem my 
> worries is what medication to give as our vets here does not have an idea 
> either they just did the test said oh so sorry no vaccines to prevent this 
> illness in this country yet here is 15 days of vitamins and so sorry.  So I 
> am very worried about what to get with regards to medicine.  He lost 200g in 
> 4 days which is approx 7 ounces in 4 days and for a cat that is not good even 
> I know that, he is just sleepy the whole time and not eating a lot, I have 
> changed the food to a better product called Montego not your average 
> commercial Epol or something available in supermarkets this dry food is very 
> similar to IAMS just slightly cheaper.  I can get plenty of raw fish and meat 
> but the problem is this kitty of mine is very full of crap when it comes to 
> food since first day I got him so not sure if the change will work or not nor 
> have I ever tried the raw diet before very new to me.  Thanks for the advise 
> and care appreciate it a lot still angry and upset though but hey what can 
> you do if you live in a developing country where certain stuff is not 
> available as yet.
> Kind Regards
> Lauraine Venter
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> Can you go online to find medications?  Is it possible to get things thru 
> customs?  I recently lost my Nitnoy at age 5.  When I found her, she was 
> diagnosed as FELV +.  I also have 1 more who is near 8 years now, got her 
> when she was 4.  I have her on a Lysine paste whick pumps out measured doses. 
>  Name is Enisyl-F by Vetoquinol, a French company.  I got this from my vet.  
> Can you let those of us who are not familiar with grams what that comes to in 
> ounces?  Get her the best quality food you can.  Can you get fresh raw meat?  
> Otherwise, get canned or dry that does not contain corn, wheat or soy, as 
> most of these ingredients are genetically modified and are not good for our 
> animals or us.  I am sure you will hear from more of the group.  Hang in 
> there, give her lots of love and we will keep you in our prayers.  Good luck.
> ---- Lauraine Venter <> wrote: 
> > Hi Everyone
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > I just had the worst day of my life, my one your old stray that I 
> > save from
> > 5 days old has just been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia and I don't 
> > know what to do he has already lost 200g in 4 days the Vet gave some 
> > vitamins but I know that is not going to make things better.  I live 
> > in Mocambique and had to hear today that yes there is a vaccine 
> > available for prevent this illness but sadly not available in this 
> > country nor is any treatment at all just some vitamins to try and 
> > boost my kitty cat, I am so sad and upset and everything at once, is 
> > there anything I can do please even willing to go holistic but obviously 
> > bearing in mind where I live.
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > Kind Regards
> > 
> > Lauraine Venter
> > 
> >  
> > 
> >  
> > 

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