The stress of an unspayed female is great, I think much greater than the 
itself.  And it may be true that pyometria is more common in dogs, but boy have 
we seen plenty in outside cats, even young ones.  One couldn't have been more 
than a year old and we had no idea her slightly swollen belly was pyometria. 
 And have h ad a few with mammary cancer also.  Not worth it.  Use a decent vet 
and get your cat spayed!  

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Amen to that sister.  My cat Cookie, long ago, was borderline diabetic.  The 
didn't want to subject her to anesthesia because he said she was an older cat 
and might develop full blown diabetes since she was on the edge. So I didn't 
have her spayed.  She went into her heat cycle several more times, then gave it 
up as a bad idea.  She lived an additional 5 years with me as a house feral. 
day I noticed blood on her chair towel (I use towels to cover the plastic 
in my house.  Everything here has to be washable).  I also noticed that Cookie 
was acting very lethargic.  I finally got her into a carrier.  At the clinic 
they flipped her over and I was horrified.  All her nipples were black, some 
were enlarged, two were bleeding.  She had severe mammary cancer.  The vet said 
she  was probably in pain.  There was nothing I could do.  He gave her a pain 
injection.  She became drowsy and I allowed him to euthanize her.  I will NEVER 
NOT SPAY a cat.  Male cats can get prostate cancer.  There is no proven reason 
why cats and dogs can't be spayed and neutered.  Humans have the operation all 
the time for ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.  If physicians didn't do 
hysterectomies on women with cancer or with precancerous lesions the cancers 
would metastasize and more people would die.  

In addition, try and get an intact spraying male cat or howling female cat 
adopted.  It will just not work.

Or, as an alternative, get the female's tubes tied and give the male a 
and you still have all the mating behavior in addition to the operations 
almost a thousand dollars as opposed to spay/neuter that can be had for a cost 
as low as $15 including rabies shot.

I  want to add that my mother, a registered nurse at the time, forbade me to 
have any of our yard cats neutered or spayed citing the ridiculous argument 
animals and people have to be left natural.  Consequently I allowed two intact 
cats to remain that way, filling my yard with 7 kittens who, although I didn't 
know it, were FeLv positive and active for the disease.  They all died.  Had I 
spayed and neutered mom and dad cat, I would have saved 7 kittens from being 
born and dying in illness and discomfort and possibly saved mom and dad cats 
from wandering away to spread the disease all over the neighborhood.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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>I'm not going to start an argument over one study. 
>Being in heat was very stressful on the one of the 1st FeLV cats I had. The 
>was easy & she recovered quickly.
>My cats have all been spayed. We've had cats live well into their 20's - all 
>Cats who still have their ovaries, which are responsible for heat cycles, are 
>much more likely to develop mammary cancer.
>Cats (& dogs) can also develop an infection in their uterus (pyometra) from 
>being spayed..
>There is just not enough evidence out there to make me even think about not 
>getting my cats, FeLV or not,  spayed.
>Don't Litter, Fix Your Critter!

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